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We have identified the beta-thalassemia mutations in 59 patients with thalassemia major and 47 patients with Hb E-beta-thalassemia, and the deletional and nondeletional alpha-thalassemia determinants in 23 out of 24 patients with Hb H disease. All persons were attending the Haematology Clinic at the National University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur(More)
A review is presented of the various beta-thalassemia alleles observed in nearly 191 patients with beta-thalassemia major and their 182 heterozygous relatives. Determination was by gene amplification and dot-blot hybridization with synthetic probes, specific for 27 different mutations. Eighteen mutations have been observed; six of these account for nearly(More)
The first example of a deletion of one of the two gamma globin genes has been characterized through an analysis of the DNA of the heterozygous parent of a homozygous newborn, using restriction endonuclease mapping techniques. A deletion of approximately 5 kb was observed which was probably caused by an unequal crossing-over between the -G gamma- and -A(More)
Structural analysis of the alpha chain of the hemoglobin from a Caucasian female with a mild hemolytic anemia showed the presence of a variant with a Val----Met substitution at position alpha 62. The valine at this position forms one of the contacts with heme and its replacement by methionine will likely decrease heme binding and cause a distortion of the(More)
BACKGROUND Src, EphA2, and platelet-derived growth factor receptors α and β are dysregulated in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). METHODS Dasatinib is an oral multitarget tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets BCR-ABL, c-Src, c-KIT, platelet-derived growth factor receptor β, and EphA2. We conducted a phase II, single-arm study of dasatinib as(More)
Restriction endonuclease analyses of DNA from one Black G gamma A gamma-HPFH homozygote and four Black and one Indian G gamma A gamma-HPFH heterozygotes have identified three different HPFH types which are the result of large deletions including the delta and beta genes. Two of the types are comparable to those characterized previously, but the third, which(More)
The hemoglobins synthesized by the pluripotent K-562 leukemia cell line of human origin after induction with hemin have been isolated by DEAE-cellulose chromatography and characterized by electrophoresis, high pressure liquid chromatography, and a radioimmunological assay. Six hemoglobin zones have been observed with the following likely compositions. Zone(More)
This chromatographic procedure uses DEAE-cellulose as ion exchanger and glycine-KCN-NaC1 solutions as developers. Blood samples from several adults and newborn infants with alpha, beta, delta, or gamma chains variants have been analysed. The hemoglobins are eluted as compact and symmetrical zones, and the separation of many hemoglobin types is greatly(More)
Detailed gene mapping analyses of genomic DNA from two Turkish subjects with a beta-thalassemia trait demonstrated an approximately 300 bp deletion, which is located between the Rsa I restriction site 128 bp 5' to the Cap site and the Acc I restriction site 284 bp 3' to the same Cap site; it includes the 5' beta promoter region, the first exon, and (part(More)
Passive smoking, exposure of the nonsmoker to air contaminated with tobacco smoke, has been reported to have several adverse consequences for health. However, its effects on the fetus are unknown. Detailed smoking histories and fetal SCN (thiocyanate) levels were obtained in 107 low-risk pregnancies in order to evaluate fetal exposure to this metabolic(More)