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We have measured parity-violating asymmetries in elastic electron-proton scattering over the range of momentum transfers 0.12 < or =Q2 < or =1.0 GeV2. These asymmetries, arising from interference of the electromagnetic and neutral weak interactions, are sensitive to strange-quark contributions to the currents of the proton. The measurements were made at(More)
We report the results of a new Rosenbluth measurement of the proton electromagnetic form factors at Q2 values of 2.64, 3.20, and 4.10 GeV2. Cross sections were determined by detecting the recoiling proton, in contrast to previous measurements which detected the scattered electron. Cross sections were determined to 3%, with relative uncertainties below 1%.(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies conducted outside of Asia have shown that lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) could be a concern for cancer patients. This gap necessitates more research on LUTS among cancer patients in Asia, particularly regarding associated factors and the relationship between quality of life and LUTS. OBJECTIVES This study investigates the(More)
C. Bochna,1 B. P. Terburg,1 D. J. Abbott,2 A. Ahmidouch,3 C. S. Armstrong,4 J. Arrington,5 K. A. Assamagan,6 O. K. Baker,2,6 S. P. Barrow,7 D. P. Beatty,7 D. H. Beck,1 S. Y. Beedoe,8 E. J. Beise,9 J. E. Belz,10 P. E. Bosted,11 E. J. Brash,12,18 H. Breuer,9 R. V. Cadman,1 L. Cardman,2 R. D. Carlini,2 J. Cha,6 N. S. Chant,9 G. Collins,9 C. Cothran,13 W. J.(More)
J. Arrington, P. Anthony, R. G. Arnold, E. J. Beise, J. E. Belz, P. E. Bosted, H.-J. Bulten, M. S. Chapman, K. P. Coulter, F. Dietrich, R. Ent, M. Epstein, B. W. Filippone, H. Gao, R. A. Gearhart, D. F. Geesaman, J.-O. Hansen, R. J. Holt, H. E. Jackson, C. E. Jones, C. E. Keppel, E. R. Kinney, S. Kuhn, K. Lee, W. Lorenzon, A. Lung, N. C. R. Makins, D. J.(More)
We have measured the nuclear transparency of the A(e,e'pi+) process in 2H, 12C, 27Al, 63Cu, and 197Au targets. These measurements were performed at the Jefferson Laboratory over a four momentum transfer squared range Q2=1.1 to 4.7 (GeV/c)2. The nuclear transparency was extracted as the super-ratio of (sigmaA/sigmaH) from data to a model of(More)
We report on a study of the longitudinal to transverse cross section ratio, R=sigmaL/sigmaT, at low values of x and Q2, as determined from inclusive inelastic electron-hydrogen and electron-deuterium scattering data from Jefferson Laboratory Hall C spanning the four-momentum transfer range 0.06<Q2<2.8 GeV2. Even at the lowest values of Q2, R remains nearly(More)
We have carried out an (e,e'p) experiment at high momentum transfer and in parallel kinematics to measure the strength of the nuclear spectral function S(k,E) at high nucleon momenta k and large removal energies E. This strength is related to the presence of short-range and tensor correlations, and was known hitherto only indirectly and with considerable(More)
G. M. Huber,1 H. P. Blok,2,3 T. Horn,4,5 E. J. Beise,4 D. Gaskell,5 D. J. Mack,5 V. Tadevosyan,6 J. Volmer,2,7 D. Abbott,5 K. Aniol,8 H. Anklin,5,9 C. Armstrong,10 J. Arrington,11 K. Assamagan,12 S. Avery,12 O. K. Baker,5,12 B. Barrett,13 C. Bochna,14 W. Boeglin,9 E. J. Brash,1 H. Breuer,4 C. C. Chang,4 N. Chant,4 M. E. Christy,12 J. Dunne,5 T. Eden,5,15 R.(More)
The (3,4)(Lambda)H and (4)(Lambda)H hypernuclear bound states have been observed for the first time in kaon electroproduction on (3,4)He targets. The production cross sections have been determined at Q(2)=0.35 GeV2 and W=1.91 GeV. For either hypernucleus the nuclear form factor is determined by comparing the angular distribution of the(More)