A. L. Levin

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Hospice is the standard method for providing quality end-of-life care in the United States. However, studies reveal that persons with dementia are infrequently referred to hospice, that barriers exist to increasing hospice utilization in this population, and that patients with dementia would benefit from hospice or hospice-like services earlier in the(More)
Given two compact disjoint subsets E1, E2 of the complex plane, the third problem of Zolotarev concerns estimates for the ratio suplr(z)l/ inf lr(z)I, :eEI :eEl where r is a rational function of degree n. We consider, more generally, the infimum Zmn of such ratios taken over the class of all rational functions r with numerator degree m and denominator(More)
This study presents national data on each state's legislative approach to custody cases involving allegations of domestic violence. Battered women's advocates have successfully lobbied in some states for rebuttable presumption statutes that direct judges to deny sole or joint custody to abusive parents unless they present persuasive evidence establishing(More)