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The paper shows how a tobacco smoke condensate affects the anatomy of Mycobacteria tuberculosis. Gas chromatography was used to detect quantitative changes in the composition of fatty acids. Electron microscopy indicated larger microcolonies, thickened lipid capsular cover, increased number of polysomes in experimental mycobacterial strains.
For preceding treatment of pathological materials, the authors propose a decontaminating agent that contains plivasept at a concentration of 0.08%, the enzyme imozymase and sodium bicarbonate versus decontaminating agents containing chlorohexidine bigluconicum or plivasept alone. The authors' agent increases the proportion of Coch bacterial positive(More)
A critical appraisal is given to a paper by A. V. Vasil'ev and T. F. Otten "The tactics of management of patients with mycobacteriosis of the lungs". It is shown that purposeful techniques for the isolation and detection of the opportunistic mycobacteria in practical laboratories are needed and possible modes of non-tuberculosis bacteria existence in the(More)
One hundred of mycobacterium cultures were assayed by the method of PCR with subsequent sequencing of the 16S rRNA region. The below mycobacterium species were identified: M. tuberculosis complex (n = 55), M. avium (n = 17), M. intracellulare (n = 4), M. scrofaleceum (n = 2), M. kansasii - M. gastri (n = 3), M. gordonae (n = 3), M. ulcerans - M. marinum (n(More)
A simple procedure was developed to defect infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis by detecting its antigens in the urine. Prolonged higher urinary antigen titers after tuberculin are suggestive of its great effect on the child. The fact that Mycobacterium antigen titers are equal in BCG-vaccinated children with positive and negative Mantoux tests(More)