A. L. Kulenovic

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BACKGROUND Unintentional intraneural injection of local anesthetics may cause mechanical injury and pressure ischemia of the nerve fascicles. One study in small animals showed that intraneural injection may be associated with higher injection pressures. However, the pressure heralding an intraneural injection and the clinical consequences of such injections(More)
Introduction. A thorough knowledge of the variations of the renal artery has grown in importance with the increasing numbers of renal transplants. The literature indicates that multiple renal arteries are found in 9-76% cases. The purpose of this study was to establish the incidence and characteristics in cadavers. Methods. The examinations were performed(More)
Cerebral-vascular diseases present one of the leading problems of the modern mankind. They are followed by the risk of high mortality rate, and as such cause high level of disability with people who survive cerebral-vascular incident (stroke, apoplexy). Researches done so far proved that beginning, course and result of the cerebral-vascular diseases depend(More)
In this paper we dissected 50 human hearts obtained from the Department for Anatomy and Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Faculty of Medicne, Sarajevo. Our interest was to show frequency of myocardial bridging on human heart coronary artery branches, their localisation and dimensions. Cross sections of coronary arteries segments in area of(More)
Although some myocardial bridges can be asymptomatic, their presence often causes coronary disease either through direct compression of the "tunnel" segment or through stimulation and accelerated development of atherosclerosis in the segment proximally to the myocardial bridge. The studied material contained 30 human hearts received from the Department of(More)
In the last few decades there has been a great development of regional anesthesia; all the postulates are defined and all the techniques of usage are perfected. However, like any other medical procedure, the block of brachial plexus carries a risk of certain unwanted complications, like possible intraneural and intravascular injections. The reason for great(More)
In this paper was examined the occurrence frequently more of one kidney artery of the aortic origin. The examinations were performed on the 213 angiograms of the kidney artery by the method of the unselective renal angiography per Seldinger, in both sexes, of the various life ages. On the analyzed angiograms was the presence of these arteries in 25.82% of(More)
We used injection and corrosion method to study path, caliber and branching of anterior and middle cerebral artery, which supplies anterior two thirds of medial and external surface of cerebral hemispheres and associated subcortical structures. When we studied our specimens, we observed that internal carotid artery always bifurcates and gives anterior and(More)
We studied cerebral blood vessels in 20 fetuses of the gestation age between 16-36 weeks, and in 5 full-term stillborn cadavers by the method of dissection. One portion of the brain samples were processed by filling the blood vessels with 10% solution of formalin, whereas in the other group we used Mixobar and injected it through carotid artery to(More)