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Thirty-four normocalcaemic women with multiple osteolytic bone metastases from breast cancer were randomly allocated to treatment with disodium dichloromethylene diphosphonate (Cl2MDP) 1600 mg/day orally (17) or placebo (17) for 3-9 months. Fasting urinary hydroxyproline/creatinine and calcium/creatinine ratios declined in the Cl2MDP group but not in the(More)
Seasonal variations in urinary calcium and oxalate excretion, serum 25(OH)D3 and albumin level were studied in 11 normo- and 11 hypercalciuric renal stone-formers, in 10 healthy subjects and in 14 long-stay hospital patients during one year. Serum albumin levels increased significantly during May--October in all four groups, whereas no significant changes(More)
The C15O2 and 15O2 steady state techniques have been used to quantitatively measure regional blood flow (RBF) and regional oxygen utilisation (ROU) in a rabbit tumour model. RBF values of 4.6 +/- 0.6 ml min/100 cc were measured for normal muscle tissue and 11.0 +/- 3.0 ml/min/100 cc for tumour surface. Corresponding values for ROU were 18.3 +/- 3.5(More)
22 women (mean age, 30; range 20 to 40 years) were studied to investigate the predictive value of various individual metabolites. Lengths of menstrual cycles (n=29) ranged from 23 to 37 days )mean 27.6 days) and all were ovulatory as judged from urinary luteinizing hormone (LH), pregnanediol 3-glucuronide (P-3G) and plasma progesterone assays. Mean value(More)
The C15O2 steady-state method, with tomographic measurement of H215O, has been used to measure blood flow in normal muscle tissue and a soft-tissue tumor (V2) in rabbits. the method has been validated in a rabbit tumor model by comparison of the data with that observed using microspheres labeled with Sc-46 and Ga-68. The blood-flow values found with the(More)
In 32 subjects with histologically and/or cytologically verified prostatic cancer the hormonal pattern was studied by assaying 18 plasma and urinary hormones or groups of hormones and relating the values to the response to endocrine treatment. Total orchidectomy (orchiepididymectomy) was performed on 9 patients, subcapsular orchidectomy on 13 patients and(More)
To examine the gastric emptying characteristics of four drinks varying in carbohydrate composition and concentration, five men ingested 600 ml of one of the different drinks on four separate occasions. All drinks contained Na+ 71 mmol.l-1, Cl- 60 mmol.l-1, Mg+2 5 mmol.l-1 and citrate 7 mmol.l-1; the carbohydrate component was either 3% glucose, 3%(More)
The concept of using beta-methyl-branched long-chain fatty acids for assessment of myocardial fatty acid uptake and perfusion was extended to the use of radioiodinated fatty acid with stabilization of iodine on the omega-phenyl ring. Beagle dogs were injected with thallium-201 and imaged 15 min after injection. The next day the dogs were infarcted by(More)