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OBJECTIVE To understand how practice guidelines are used in malpractice litigation. DESIGN Review of the open and closed malpractice claims of two medical malpractice insurance companies, and a mailed survey of attorneys who litigate malpractice claims. SETTING United States. PARTICIPANTS Two insurance companies and 960 randomly selected malpractice(More)
The role of practice guidelines in malpractice litigation has been discussed in some theoretical detail. Little information is available, however, on how courts use guidelines or on the effort of state legislatures to explicitly link guideline compliance with malpractice defenses. We review all relevant case law and legislative enactments to shed light on(More)
Medical practice guidelines are playing an increasingly important role in both the medical and the legal context. As tools for the health practitioner, it is thought that medical practice guidelines may contribute to an increase in the quality of patient care and cost-effectiveness. In the legal setting, guidelines may improve the functioning of the medical(More)
  • A L Hyams
  • American journal of law & medicine
  • 1992
The growing problem of physician sexual misconduct has captured the attention not only of the medical and legal communities, but of the public as well. State medical boards, administrative agencies with generous rules of evidence and varying levels of expertise, face the difficult task of responding to patients' allegations of physician sexual abuse. This(More)
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