A. L. Haenni

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The termination of protein synthesis in ribosomes is governed by termination (stop) codons in messenger RNAs and by polypeptide chain release factors (RFs). Although the primary structure of prokaryotic RFs and yeast mitochrondrial RF is established, that of the only known eukaryotic RF (eRF) remains obscure. Here we report the assignment of a family of(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence of turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) genomic RNA has been determined on a set of overlapping cDNA clones using a sequential sequencing strategy. The RNA is 6318 nucleotides long, excluding the cap structure. The genome organization deduced from the sequence confirms previous results of in vitro translation. A novel open(More)
A biochemical world that would have existed before the contemporary DNA-RNA-Protein world, and baptized in 1986 «The RNA World» by Walter Gilbert (Gilbert, 1986), such a world had already been proposed during the preceding decades by Carl Woese, Francis By demonstrating the remarkable diversity of the RNA molecule, Molecular Biology proved these(More)
The RNA genome of turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) consists of more than 6,000 nucleotides. During a study of the roles of the two hairpins located in its 90-nucleotide 5' untranslated region, it was observed that stabilization of the 5'-proximal hairpin leads to a delay in the development of symptoms on plants. This delay in symptom development for both(More)
In 2012, a 50 year-old athletic male presented with weakness, pain and unilateral phrenic paralysis, followed by bilateral phrenic paralysis with deep dyspnea. In 2013, the Parsonage-Turner syndrome was diagnosed. When the patient was seen in September 2014 for the first time, he was facing phrenic neuromuscular failure, which led to the hypothesis of(More)
The role of the 3' noncoding (NC) region of Physalis mottle tymovirus genomic RNA in the multiplication of the virus was examined using an in vivo protoplast assay system. Coat protein (CP) synthesis was specifically inhibited by sense 3' NC region transcripts. To establish the role of the pseudoknot structure present in the NC region in virus(More)
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