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We develop traffic grooming algorithms for unidirectional SONET/WDM ring networks. The objective is to assign calls to wavelengths in a way that minimizes the total cost of electronic equipment [e.g., the number of SONET add/drop multiplexers (ADM's)]. We show that the general traffic grooming problem is NP-complete. However, for some special cases we(More)
The DARPA CORONET project seeks to develop the target network architectures and technologies needed to build next-generation long-distance IP-over-Optical-Layer (IP/OL) networks. These next-generation networks are expected to scale 10-100 times larger than today's largest commercial IP/OL network. Furthermore, DARPA has established advanced objectives for(More)
The Core Optical Networks (CORONET) program addresses the development of architectures, protocols, and network control and management to support the future advanced requirements of both commercial and government networks, with a focus on highly dynamic and highly resilient multi-terabit core networks. CORONET encompasses a global network supporting a(More)
After many years of research and industry efforts, ultra long haul (ULH) technologies for DWDM transport are maturing, and carriers are deploying such technology for high capacity and capital savings. Unlike opaque optical networks, how best to recover an all-optical ULH network after failure is still uncertain. This paper analyzes four recovery schemes in(More)