A L Beck

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Photonic signal processing requires efficient on-chip light sources with higher modulation bandwidths. Today's conventional fastest semiconductor diode lasers exhibit modulation speeds only on the order of a few tens of GHz due to gain compression effects and parasitic electrical capacitances. Here we theoretically show an electrically-driven carbon(More)
Longitudinal monitoring techniques for preclinical models of vascular remodeling are critical to the development of new therapies for pathological conditions such as ischemia and cancer. In models of skeletal muscle ischemia in particular, there is a lack of quantitative, non-invasive and long term assessment of vessel morphology. Here, we have applied(More)
Group-IV materials for monolithic integration with silicon optoelectronic systems are being extensively studied. As a part of efforts, light emission from germanium has been pursued with the objective of evolving germanium into an efficient light source for optical communication systems. In this study, we demonstrate room-temperature electroluminescence(More)
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