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Animal research reveals that cocaine is a highly reinforcing drug, and patients describe it as "compelling"; the drug maintains vigorous self-administration behavior in animals and humans despite its clear adverse effects. This suggests that the drug is very difficult for experienced users to give up. It further suggests a need for vigorous treatment to(More)
APAP poisoning is common, and despite the availability of a specific antidote, fatalities still occur. Early treatment using NAC is highly effective in preventing liver injury, but further study is needed to determine optimum indications, route of administration, dosage, and duration of treatment. Recent advances have changed traditional concepts regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the use of exogenous surfactant in a rabbit fresh-water near-drowning model. METHODS In a randomized, placebo-controlled experiment, 21 rabbits were anesthetized, paralyzed, and subjected to near drowning with 6 mL/kg of distilled water. Vital signs, arterial blood gases, and pulmonary compliance were measured at predetermined(More)
The aims of this study were (a) to compare peer relations, developmental expectations, self-perceived competence, and well-being in Dutch and Japanese adolescents; and (b) to examine whether relationships among these constructs vary as a function of different cultures, that is, whether the same developmental model applies in both countries. The sample(More)
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