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We report on the study of the dynamics of long wavelength phason fluctuations in the i-AlPdMn icosahedral phase using coherent x-ray scattering. When measured with a coherent x-ray beam, the diffuse intensity due to phasons presents strong fluctuations or speckles pattern. From room temperature to 500 degrees C the speckle pattern is time independent. At(More)
A coherent X-ray beam is obtained from the D2AM bending-magnet beamline (BM2) of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. As this line has permanent convergent optics, monochromated by an Si(111) double monochromator, coherence conditions are satisfied by selecting a part of the beam close to the focal point. Low intensity (10(6) X-rays s(-1)) is(More)
Diffraction anomalous fine-structure (DAFS) spectroscopy uses resonant elastic X-rays scattering as an atomic, shell and site-selective probe that provides information on the electronic structure and the local atomic environment as well as on the long-range-ordered crystallographic structure. A DAFS experiment consists of measuring the Bragg peak(More)
We have used x-ray anomalous diffraction to recover the model-independent Fourier transform (x-ray structure factor) of InAs quantum sticklike islands embedded in InP. The average height of the quantum sticks, as deduced from the width of the structure factor profile, is 2.54 nm. The InAs out-of-plane deformation, relative to InP, is 6.1%. Diffraction(More)
Lattice-matched GaP-based nanostructures grown on silicon substrates is a highly rewarded route for coherent integration of photonics and high-efficiency photovoltaic devices onto silicon substrates. We report on the structural and optical properties of selected MBE-grown nanostructures on both GaP substrates and GaP/Si pseudo-substrates. As a first(More)
The self-organized growth of Co nanoparticles is achieved at room temperature on an inhomogenously strained Ag(001) surface arising from an underlying square misfit dislocation network of 10 nm periodicity buried at the interface between a 5 nm-thick Ag film and a MgO(001) substrate. This is revealed by in situ grazing-incidence small-angle x-ray(More)
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