A Kumar Sethi

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This study compared the effects of intravenous infusions of ephedrine and mephentermine for maintenance of maternal arterial pressure and neonatal outcome in pregnant women receiving subarachnoid block for lower segment Caesarean section. Sixty patients who developed hypotension following subarachnoid block for Caesarean section were randomly divided into(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging was performed using a 1.5 Tesla magnet in 22 children (14 boys and 8 girls) between 5-20 yr of age with isolated GH deficiency (IGHD), born by normal vaginal delivery without any birth asphyxia or trauma. A total of 22 children (10 boys and 12 girls) without short stature and endocrine disease were evaluated as controls. The IGHD(More)
The present study was conducted with the aims of comparing intravenous tramadol 1, 2 and 3 mg.kg(-1) with pethidine 0.5 mg.kg(-1) for prophylaxis of postanaesthetic shivering and to find a dose of tramadol that could provide the dual advantage of antishivering and analgesic effect in the postoperative period. The study included 165 patients, randomly(More)
Gastric emptying of orange-flavoured glucose (group I), low-fat milk (group II) and breast milk (group III) was evaluated in 45 ASA grade I children of < or = 5 years of age by using real-time ultrasonography and residual gastric volume and pH was then measured. In 15 more children, residual gastric volume and pH was measured after a midnight fast (group(More)
Low dose ketamine by subcutaneous infusion (0.1 mg.kg-1.h-1) was compared in a double-blind fashion with a similar infusion of morphine (0.03 mg.kg-1.h-1) for postoperative analgesia in 60 ASA-I adults after major abdominal surgery. Pain was assessed using visual analogue scales and sedation was graded on a four-point rank drowsiness score. Cardiovascular(More)
This study evaluates the use of pulse oximetry to accurately monitor systolic arterial blood pressure in 100 healthy volunteers. Determination of arterial blood pressure using oximetry was made at the disappearance of visual display upon blood pressure cuff inflation, at the reappearance of visual display upon cuff deflation, and by averaging the two. The(More)
There are a number of case reports describing accidental subdural block during the performance of subarachnoid or epidural anaesthesia. However it appears that subdural drug deposition remains a poorly understood complication of neuraxial anaesthesia. The clinical presentation may often be attributed to other causes. Subdural injection of local anaesthetic(More)
This study compared the effects of intravenous infusions of phenylephrine and mephentermine on the prevention of maternal hypotension and neonatal outcome in patients receiving spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section. Sixty ASA 1-2 patients with term, uncomplicated singleton pregnancy undergoing caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia were randomly(More)
During 1981-88, 63 cases of female pseudohermaphroditism (FPH) were seen at the Intersex clinic at AIIMS, of whom 34 (54%) were diagnosed as due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Though ambiguity was present at birth in most cases, only one child was brought immediately after birth, while 14 presented after one year. Family history of affected(More)