A Krystosek

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The secretion of the protease plasminogen activator (PA) by cells of developing peripheral nerve was demonstrated. Fetal and early postnatal dorsal root ganglia were established in culture as explants or as individual neurons and Schwann cells. A fibrin overlay assay was used to visualize the locations of PA secretion. Fibrinolytic zones formed around the(More)
The molecular characterization of neural secretory plasminogen activators and their possible association with two well-defined Schwann cell activities (mitosis and migration) were investigated. Schwann cells from peripheral sensory ganglion roots were established as primary cultures of high purity. Conditioned culture medium was fractionated by gel(More)
A system has been developed with clones of mouse myeloid leukemic cells in culture to study the induction of synthesis and secretion of lysozyme in relation to other steps in myeloid cell differentiation. Lysozyme was initially absent in all the clones studied. The different clones can be divided into three types according to their ability to be induced to(More)
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