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DNA cytometric and histopathologic investigations were performed in two tumor models (BP and S 180) which differed in their sensitivity to tumor necrosis factor (TNF). TNF induced strong necrosis in both tumors, but only the sarcoma 180 showed total regression. After TNF administration DNA cytometry revealed in the BP tumor an increase of cells in the(More)
DNA ploidy and S-phase percentage from nine malignant gliomas (four glioblastomas, four anaplastic astrocytomas grade 3 and one anaplastic oligoastrocytoma grade 3) have been estimated by single cell cytophotometry on biopsy and necropsy specimens. All gliomas from biopsy material showed, with the exception of two diploid tumours, a polyploid-aneuploid(More)
The ability of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor (rH-TNF-alpha) to induce regression of sarcoma 180 in vivo was evaluated. The tumor was cured by TNF in the course of 4 weeks. TNF inhibited proliferation of sarcoma 180 cells in vitro, which suggests a direct effect of TNF on tumor cells in vivo. In parallel to the TNF effect on tumor growth, some cell(More)