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The Use of Isotopes as Indicators in Biological Bemal Organism: PROFESSOR E. K. MARSHALL, JR., search: DR. AUGUST KROGH .187 W. C. CUTTING and KENDALL EMERSON, JR. DifScientific Events: fraction of X-rays at Very Smnall Angles by CelluLetters and Manuscripts of T. H. Huxley; Reloses and Rayons: PROFESSOR G. L. CLARK and E. search on Metals; The Northwest(More)
I suppose that almost every worker in our science has given some thought to the general progress of physiology and to the problems raised by its growth, and I cannot doubt that some have pondered deeply Over these problems and have much more insight into them than I possess, but you must admit that on the whole the thoughts have been kept private, and(More)
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