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We report the first study of the nucleon where the full Poincaré-covariant structure of the three-quark amplitude is implemented in the Faddeev equation. We employ an interaction kernel which is consistent with contemporary studies of meson properties and aspects of chiral symmetry and its dynamical breaking, thus yielding a comprehensive approach to hadron(More)
Diphenylmethyleneaminooxycarboxylic acids were found to represent novel type inhibitors of the enzyme aldose reductase. Ester derivatives of the most active compound (3c) (IC(50)=33 microM) were prepared as potential prodrugs and the rate of degradation was studied by treatment with buffers, plasma, and various hydrolytic enzymes. Whereas all compounds were(More)
We examine the nucleon's electromagnetic form factors in a Poincaré-covariant Faddeev framework. The three-quark core contributions to the form factors are obtained by employing a quark-diquark approximation. We implement the self-consistent solution for the quark-photon vertex from its inhomogeneous Bethe-Salpeter equation. We find that the resulting(More)