A Kowald

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Many different theories of ageing have been proposed, based often on highly specific molecular causes. Recent advances in evolutionary theory support the idea that ageing is caused by progressive accumulation of defects, but indicate that multiple processes are likely to operate in parallel. This calls for an understanding of ageing and longevity in terms(More)
All eukaryotic cells rely on mitochondrial respiration as their major source of metabolic energy (ATP). However, the mitochondria are also the main cellular source of oxygen radicals and the mutation rate of mtDNA is much higher than for chromosomal DNA. Damage to mtDNA is of great importance because it will often impair cellular energy production. However,(More)
Cellular homeostasis and the mechanisms which control homeostasis are important for understanding such fundamental processes as ageing and the origin of life. Several models have studied the importance of accurate protein synthesis for cellular stability, but these models have not considered the complexities of the translation process in any detail. Here we(More)
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