A. Kopylov

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The present work is devoted to the analysis of the G-quadruplex DNA structure using the bioinformatics method. The interest towards quadruplex DNAs is determined by their involvement in the functioning of telomeres and onco-promoters as well as by the possibility to create on their basis aptamers and nanostructures. Here, we present an algorithm for a(More)
The experiments sensitive to pp-neutrinos from the Sun are very perspective for the precise measurement of a mixing angle θ12. A νe − scattering experiment (Xmass) and/or a charged-current experiment (the indium detector) can measure the flux of electron pp-neutrinos. One can find the total flux of pp-neutrinos from a luminosity constraint after the(More)
The problem of surface electromagnetic waves is discussed. In spite of recent experimental evidence for the existence of Zenneck surface waves, theoretical consensus on this issue is lacking. Surface electromagnetic waves (SEMWs) can be excited at the interface between two or more media. These two-dimensional electromagnetic waves die down exponentially(More)
Lithium detectors have a high sensitivity to CNO neutrinos from the Sun. The present experimental data and prospects for future experiments on the detection of CNO neutrinos are discussed. A nonstationary case is considered when the flux of 13 N neutrinos is higher than the standard solar model predicts due to the influx of fresh material from the(More)
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