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We consider logical deenability of the group-theoretic notions of simplicity, nilpotency and solvability on the class of nite groups. On one hand, we show that these notions are deenable by sentences of deterministic transitive closure logic DTC. These results are based on known group-theoretic results. On the other hand, we prove that simplicity,(More)
Numerical micropermeametry is performed on three-dimensional porous samples having a linear size of approximately 3 mm and a resolution of 7.5 microm. One of the samples is a microtomographic image of Fontainebleau sandstone. Two of the samples are stochastic reconstructions with the same porosity, specific surface area, and two-point correlation function(More)
The behavior of a liquid-particle suspension induced to sheared motion was analyzed by numerical simulations. When the velocity (strain) of the suspension began to increase, its viscosity first stayed almost constant, but increased then rapidly to a clearly higher level. This increase in viscosity is shown to be related to formation of clusters of suspended(More)
Evaluating control loop performance has attracted considerable interest in recent years. Different kinds of performance indices have been developed and tested with simulation models and offline process data before implementing them in real automation system or performance monitoring tool. For developing and simulation stages of process control and control(More)
The behaviour of liquid droplets on inclined heterogeneous surfaces was simulated by the lattice-Boltzmann method using the Shan-Chen multiphase model. The effect of topography of the surface on the contact angle hysteresis was investigated. It is shown in particular, by using anisotropic rough surfaces, how surface topography and thereby the continuity of(More)
Capillary penetration of a wetting liquid in a microtomographic image of paper board, whose linear dimension was close to the average length of wood fibers, was simulated by the lattice-Boltzmann method. In spite of the size of the system not being large with respect to the size of structural inhomogeneities in the sample, for unidirectional penetration the(More)
The saturation curve of a sample of paper board was measured with mercury-intrusion porosimetry, and the three-dimensional structure of its pore space was determined by x-ray tomographic imaging. Ab initio numerical simulation of intrusion on the tomographic reconstruction, based on the lattice-Boltzmann method, was in excellent agreement with the measured(More)
OPC (OLE for Process Control) provides an easy way to connect simulation systems to control systems, but there has been little research on the reliability and timing accuracy of OPC servers. Actual sampling time of data can be determined using a fast counter as a variable. Variations in the sampling time can be examined using consecutive sampled counter(More)
A shear flow of particulate suspension is analyzed for the qualitative effect of particle clustering on viscosity using a simple kinetic clustering model and direct numerical simulations. The clusters formed in a Couette flow can be divided into rotating chainlike clusters and layers of particles at the channel walls. The size distribution of the rotating(More)