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OBJECTIVE Anaerobic bacteremia rarely occurs in children. Therefore we assessed the usefulness of routinely obtaining anaerobic blood cultures in our pediatric patients. STUDY DESIGN Records of 9360 paired aerobic anaerobic blood culture bottles (Bactec NR660 System) containing blood specimens from pediatric inpatients and outpatients at Duke University(More)
SCUBA diving-induced pulmonary edema is a rare syndrome that has been previously reported to occur in cold water. We present a case of SCUBA diving-induced pulmonary edema in a 52-year-old man diving in a warm swimming pool. The pathophysiology of this syndrome is unclear, but it is unrelated to either barotrauma or decompression illness. This patient(More)
To assess agreement between emergency physicians' measurements of abdominal aortic diameter using ultrasound in the Emergency Department (ED) and measurements obtained by computed tomography (CT), a double-blinded, prospective study was conducted. The study enrolled a convenience sample of patients over 50 years of age presenting to the ED and scheduled to(More)
Prompt recognition of actual or impending aortic emergencies is essential to the effective practice of emergency medicine. Understanding the pathophysiologic principles and awareness of the potential subtleties in the clinical presentations of aortic dissection, aneurysm, and occlusive disease are prerequisites to this task. Knowledge of current diagnostic(More)
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