A. Knapp

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The granularity and interpretability of a fuzzy model are influenced by the method used to construct the rule base. Models obtained by a heuristic assessment of the underlying system are generally highly granular with interpretable rules, while models algorithmically generated from an analysis of training data consist of a large number of rules with small(More)
A field study was carried out to evaluate the potential of wood ash as a fertilizer in grassland systems in combination with enriched N organic wastes. Six treatments including manure or digestate, each combined with wood ash at 0, 1, and 3 t ha−1 were spread onto the soil to an amount equivalent to 120 kg N ha−1. Three soil samplings and one cutting was(More)
OBJECTIVE Water jet dissection is currently under investigation as a new tool for use in neurosurgical procedures. The safety of this instrument has already been demonstrated. However, precise data demonstrating highly accurate tissue dissection in the brain in combination with vessel preservation are still missing. METHODS In this study, 50 porcine(More)
Burkholderia glumae is a Gram-negative phytopathogenic bacterium known as the causative agent of rice panicle blight. Strain B. glumae PG1 is used for the production of a biotechnologically relevant lipase, which is secreted into the culture supernatant via a type II secretion pathway. We have comparatively analyzed the genome sequences of B. glumae PG1(More)
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome encodes a variety of different proteolytic enzymes several of which play an important role as virulence factors. Interestingly, only two of these proteases are predicted to belong to the subtilase family and we have recently studied the physiological role of the subtilase SprP. Here, we describe the functional(More)
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