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Nuclei in the proliferative pseudostratified epithelia of vastly different organisms exhibit a characteristic dynamics - the so-called interkinetic nuclear migration (IKNM). Although these movements are thought to be intimately tied to the cell cycle, little is known about the relationship between IKNM and distinct phases of the cell cycle and the role that(More)
We investigate the behaviour of randomly cross-linked (co)polymer blends using a combination of replica theory and large-scale molecular dynamics simulations. In particular, we derive the analogue of the random phase approximation for systems with quenched disorder and show how the required correlation functions can be calculated efficiently. By(More)
A theory of flocking is proposed, which draws upon the physics of fluid dynamics and critical phenomena. Microscopic continuity equations describing a system of self-propelled particles form the basis of this research. The analogy is motivated by recent theoretical attempts to model animal aggregation. The results of my research are contrasted with those(More)
Treatment of infertility associated with anovulation The development of effective treatment has a marvellously encouraging effect on the incidence of a disease. When, as has happened with the occasional spectacular overkill of gonado-trophin treatment of infertility, the media takes an intense interest in the treatment, the number of patients seeking it(More)
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