A. Kheirkhah

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Due to various seasonal and monthly changes in electricity consumption and difficulties in modeling it with the conventional methods, a novel algorithm is proposed in this paper. This study presents an approach that uses Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and ANOVA methods to estimate and(More)
The issue which makes Unit Testing so tough is the ambiguous ways that the software world keeps moving forward. Although sometimes by implementing simple unit testing methods, this task become easy to handle. However to achieve a comprehensive unit testing it is supposed to test all corners of software such as database, devices, communication etc. This(More)
Segmenting dendritic trees and corneal nerve fibres is challenging due to their uneven and irregular shape. Our first contribution is a novel ridge detector, SCIRD, which is rotation, scale and curvature invariant [2]. Then, we present a novel feature boosting method combining hand-crafted appearance features with learned context filters. Experimental(More)
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