A. Khalil

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Eukaryotic transcription factors (TFs) perform complex and combinatorial functions within transcriptional networks. Here, we present a synthetic framework for systematically constructing eukaryotic transcription functions using artificial zinc fingers, modular DNA-binding domains found within many eukaryotic TFs. Utilizing this platform, we construct a(More)
The transcription of genomic information in eukaryotes is regulated in large part by chromatin. How a diverse array of chromatin regulator (CR) proteins with different functions and genomic localization patterns coordinates chromatin activity to control transcription remains unclear. Here, we take a synthetic biology approach to decipher the complexity of(More)
— In the last two decades, several chaos-based cryptosystems have been proposed. Some of them have architecture comprising a layer of permutation and a layer of diffusion and these layers are simultaneously executed in a simple scan of plain-image pixels. In this kind of cryptosystems, due to the channel effect, a bit error(s) in the cipher-image produces,(More)
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