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In this article, we present the idea of a WiMAX based audio/video transmission. The data transmitter will transmit an audio/video signal, which will be received by the receiver side. The hardware of the data transmitter consists of a CCD camera and audio mic. The CCD camera will capture the image and give the analog video signal to a fixed filter of 12 MHz.(More)
In the last two decades, several chaos-based cryptosystems have been proposed. Some of them have architecture comprising a layer of permutation and a layer of diffusion and these layers are simultaneously executed in a simple scan of plain-image pixels. In this kind of cryptosystems, due to the channel effect, a bit error(s) in the cipher-image produces, at(More)
The work presented in this paper treats the performance of a system contributing two monopole antennas separated by means of a metamaterial-based surface at 2.4 GHz for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) applications. After introducing an electromagnetic study covering the performance of a unit cell MSRR, simulations are performed on a cell of two MSRRs(More)
This paper is dedicated to the design of circularly polarized dual off-center aperture-coupled Microstrip antenna for GPS application. First, the dimensions of the apertures and the square patch antenna are optimized. The global performance is then investigated after integrating a hybrid directional coupler. The return loss is better than 10 dB for a(More)
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