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It has long been established that the cannabinoid CB1 receptor transduces signals through a pertussis toxin-sensitive Gi/Go inhibitory pathway. Although there have been reports that the cannabinoid CB1 receptor can also mediate an increase in cyclic AMP levels, in most cases the presence of an adenylyl cyclase costimulant or the use of very high amounts of(More)
We have investigated the binding site of the subtype specific antagonist SR 144528, (N-[(1S)-endo-1,3,3-trimethyl bicyclo [2.2. 1]heptan-2-yl]-5-(4-chloro-3-methylphenyl)-1-(4-methoxybenzyl)- pyrazo le-3-carboxamide) on the human cannabinoid CB(2) receptor based on functional studies with mutated receptors. Two serine residues in the fourth transmembrane(More)
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