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The structure of 17−20 6 C nuclei was investigated by means of the in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy technique using fragmentation reactions of radioactive beams. Based on particle-γ and particle-γγ coincidence data, level schemes are constructed for the neutron rich 17−20 C nuclei. The systematics of the first excited 2 + states in the Carbon isotopes is extended(More)
The FERMl system, performing acquisition and DSP of calorimeter data in high energy collision experiments, planned at the LHC collider (CEW, Geneva, CH) is briefly overviewed. The system relies mainly upon the FERMI module, a dedicated VLSI multi-chip device per orming immediate neighbourhood of the collider itserJ; requiring rad-hard features. The issues(More)
In-beam ␥-ray spectroscopy using fragmentation reactions of both stable and radioactive beams has been performed in order to study the structure of excited states in neutron-rich oxygen isotopes with masses ranging from A = 20 to 24. For the produced fragments, ␥-ray energies, intensities, and ␥-␥ coincidences have been measured. Based on this information(More)
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