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This paper presents a neuro-based approach for Iran annual residential and commercial energy demand forecasting by several socio-economic indicators. In order to analyze the influence of economic and social indicators on the residential and commercial energy demand, gross domestic product (GDP), total number of households, energy prices and investment for(More)
In today’s modern world, customers require a high level of power quality than ever before because of the increasing availability of semiconductor devices and microprocessors that are more sensitive against power system disturbances. One of the most frequently occurring types of power quality disturbances are voltage sags, which are considered to likely have(More)
Voltage sag is considered as one of the most common power quality problems causing sensitive equipment to malfunction and many industrial process interruptions. Complains about the economic loss and equipment damage from industrial customers has stimulated the investigation on the voltage sag source location. As a result, many efforts have been made to know(More)
Abstract. The aim of this paper is to develop a prediction model of energy demand of industry sector in Iran. A Markov chain grey model (MCGM) is proposed to forecast the energy demand of industry sector. It is then compared to grey model (GM) and regression model. The comparison reveals that the MCGM has higher precision than GM and regression model. The(More)
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