A. Kawasaki

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We present a numerical model for dynamic simulation of colloidal particles attached to a fluid interface. A new coupling method is proposed for combining Newtonian dynamics for colloidal particles and the lattice Boltzmann method for fluid phases so as to account for the wetting properties of particle surfaces. With this feature, capillary interaction of(More)
Light adaptation is crucial for coping with the varying levels of ambient light. Using high-density electroencephalography (EEG), we investigated how adaptation to light of different colors affects brain responsiveness. In a within-subject design, sixteen young participants were adapted first to dim white light and then to blue, green, red, or white bright(More)
This study examined the effect of optic nerve disease, hence retinal ganglion cell loss, on non-visual functions related to melanopsin signalling. Test subjects were patients with bilateral visual loss and optic atrophy from either hereditary optic neuropathy (n = 11) or glaucoma (n = 11). We measured melatonin suppression, subjective sleepiness and(More)
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