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The dynamic characteristics of reflex eye movements were measured in two strains of chronically prepared mice by using an infrared television camera system. The horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflex (HVOR) and horizontal optokinetic response (HOKR) were induced by sinusoidal oscillations of a turntable, in darkness, by 10 degrees (peak to peak) at 0.11-0.50 Hz(More)
Ischemia for 5 min temporarily increased locomotor activity in gerbils after 1 and 3 days. Temporary increases were also noted within 7 and 5 days after 20-min ischemia and repeated ischemia (three 2-min ischemia at 1-h intervals), respectively. In a passive avoidance task, gerbils were trained 2 or 14 days before the occlusion and then tested 1 day after(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) plays a key role in synaptic transmission efficiency in the central nervous system. To gain an insight on the role of NO in cerebellar functions, we, here, measured the dynamics of the horizontal optokinetic response (HOKR) and vestibulo-ocular reflex (HVOR), and the adaptation of HOKR in mice locally injected with(More)
Duloxetine is a dual inhibitor of norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake. Duloxetine (3.13-50 mg/kg p.o.) significantly prevented tetrabenazine (1 and 50 mg/kg s.c.)-induced ptosis in mice and rats. Moreover, duloxetine (1.56-12.5 mg/kg p.o.) also inhibited reserpine (1 mg/kg s.c.)-induced hypothermia in mice. When duloxetine (12.5-100 mg/kg p.o.) and(More)
Fyn-kinase is expressed widely in the entire brain, including the cerebellum. Fyn-kinase-deficient mice are known to exhibit hypersensitivity to ethanol. To evaluate the cerebellar functions of Fyn-kinase, we examined the dynamic characteristics of the horizontal optokinetic response (HOKR) and vestibulo-ocular reflex (HVOR) and its adaptability in(More)
The neuroprotective action of a cholecystokinin octapeptide analogue, ceruletide, was evaluated in models of cerebral ischemia using Mongolian gerbils. Ceruletide significantly suppressed the hyperactivity and amnesia induced by ischemia when injected s.c. 30 min before 5-min occlusion of the bilateral common carotid arteries at room temperature or(More)
In the central nervous system of some species of several invertebrate phyla, including land planarians (Platyhelminthes), ribbon worms (Nemertina), slugs (Mollusca), polychaetes, earthworms and leeches (Annelida), pill bugs (Arthropoda), and beard worms (Pogonophora), salmon calcitonin-immunoreactive cells and rat calcitonin gene-related peptide(More)
Myosin was highly purified mainly by combining procedures of ammonium sulfate fractionation and chromatographies on cellulose phosphate, DEAE-cellulose and DEAE-Sephadex A-SO as judged by gel electrophoresis and immunological analyses. The highly purified myosin produced two precipitin lines in immunodiffusion with antibodies to myosin, whereas the myosin(More)
Immunoprecipitation techniques have shown that characteristic Jens proteins can be found in many tissues of the chick eye. Langman & Prescott (1959), Maisel & Langman (1961o), Maisel (1962) and Maisel & Harmison (1963), among others, have demonstrated antigens cross-reacting with adult chick lens antisera in iris, pigmented retina, cornea and aqueous and(More)