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This study investigates 12 prespeech vocal behaviors which are taken to reflect children's phonological, communicative and early symbolic development. It explores their development (onset, duration and extinction) and their relation to early lexical development. A structured parental questionnaire on prespeech vocalizations was developed, validated and used(More)
The MacArthur-Bates Inventories are a valid and reliable method for assessing communicative and linguistic skills in infants (8-15 months) and young children (16-30 months), and have been adapted to many languages. This paper presents their adaptation to Spanish. Structure, innovations included in the Spanish version, and the standardisation process are(More)
There are many scientific problems generated by the multiple and conflicting alternative definitions of linguistic recursion and human recursive processing that exist in the literature. The purpose of this article is to make available to the linguistic community the standard mathematical definition of recursion and to apply it to discuss linguistic(More)
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