A Karjalainen

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Although many studies deal with the distribution and mobility of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) metals in soil, the ecotoxicity of CCA-contaminated soils is rarely studied. The Triad approach was applied to determine the ecological risks posed by a CCA mixture at a decommissioned wood impregnation mill in southern Finland. A combination of (1) chemical(More)
PURPOSE Venous thromboemboli can cause both pulmonary embolism (PE) and paradoxical embolism in the presence of a cardiac right-to-left shunt. Our aim was to prospectively assess the prevalence of PE in patients with ischemic stroke with suspected cardiogenic etiology and thereby to clarify the possible role of paradoxical embolism as a cause of ischemic(More)
Antimicrobial effectiveness of methylparaben and a mixture of methyl- and propylparabens in an oil-in-water cream was studied. How the number of microbes and inclusion of nutrients into the cream affect the effectiveness of these compounds were also investigated, as well as the survival of test microbes in the cream without preservatives. Survival of(More)
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