A. Kandaswamy

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Electronic auscultation is an efficient technique to evaluate the condition of respiratory system using lung sounds. As lung sound signals are non-stationary, the conventional method of frequency analysis is not highly successful in diagnostic classification. This paper deals with a novel method of analysis of lung sound signals using wavelet transform, and(More)
In this paper authors have made an attempt to classify the breast tissue based on the intensity level of histogram of a mmammogram,Statistical features of a mammogram are extrcted using simple image processing techniques.The proposed scheme uses texture models to capture the mammographic appearance within the breast. Parenchymal density patterns are modeled(More)
An important approach for describing a region is to quantify its structure content. In this paper, the use of functions for computing texture based on statistical measures is described. Six textural features for mammogram images are defined. The segmentation based on these textures would classify the breast tissue under four categories. The algorithm(More)
The objective of this paper is to reveal the effectiveness of wavelet based tissue texture analysis for microcalcification detection in digitized mammograms using Extreme Learning Machine (ELM). Microcalcifications are tiny deposits of calcium in the breast tissue which are potential indicators for early detection of breast cancer. The dense nature of the(More)
This paper presents an efficient architecture for various image filtering algorithms and tumor characterization using Xilinx System Generator (XSG). This architecture offers an alternative through a graphical user interface that combines MATLAB, Simulink and XSG and explores important aspects concerned to hardware implementation. Performance of this(More)
To represent the large amount of data in the biometric images an efficient feature extraction method is needed. Further biometric image acquisition is subject to deforming processes such as rotation, translation and scaling. Hence it is also required that the image representation be invariant to the deformations and sustain the discriminating features.(More)
Digital VLSI implementation of an auditory filter for speech processor of cochlear implant (CI) is proposed. Optimized design for hardware implementation of the filter with respect to area, power and speed is the significant criterion for the implementation of auditory filter for a CI. A digital filter is designed using the System Generator10.1 through the(More)
This article focuses on comparing the discriminating power of the various multi-resolution based thresholding techniques - wavelet, curvelet, and contourlet for image denoising. Using multiresolution techniques, mammogram images are decomposed into different resolution levels, which are sensitive to different frequency bands. We implement the proposed(More)
An important approach for describing a region is to quantify its structure content. In this paper the use of functions for computing texture based on statistical measures is prescribed. MPM (Maximizer of the posterior margins) algorithm is employed. The segmentation based on texture feature would classify the breast tissue under various categories. The(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Mammography is currently the method of choice for early detection of breast cancer in women. However, the interpretation of mammograms is largely based on radiologist's opinion. In this study an attempt is made to develop an image processing algorithm for the detection of microcalcifications and also a computer based decision system(More)