A Kameswara Rao

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Historically, archaeological evidence, post-mortem findings and retrospective analysis of leprosy institutions' data demonstrates a high observed incidence of concomitant infection with leprosy and tuberculosis (TB). However, reports of concomitant infection in the modern literature remain scarce, with estimates of annual new case detection rates of(More)
Antimicrobial resistance is a major problem in present-day therapy. Despite the advent of newer antimicrobial agents with a broad spectrum of activity, multiple antibiotic resistant pathogens are difficult to eliminate from infected sites. The present study was carried out to develop an approach, using citric acid as a sole antimicrobial agent, for the(More)
Cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) have been implicated in recurrence and treatment resistance in many human cancers. Thus, a CSC-targeted drug delivery strategy to eliminate CSCs is a desirable approach for developing a more effective anticancer therapy. We have developed a tumor-targeting nanodelivery platform (scL) for systemic administration of molecular(More)
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