A. Kamaraj

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The circuits like Logic gates, Adders, Multipliers are the basic building block of the digital circuits. These combinational circuits can be designed by using the concepts of the reversible logic. The reversible logic is either a physically reversible or logically reversible. In this paper the combinational circuits are logically reversible. One of the(More)
Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) is a promising future to the CMOS technology with ultra operating speed and low power consumption. The realization of QCA with Reversible Logic is the Green Computing. A router is the key component in the internet core for transmitting data packets. Being the technology beyond CMOS, the work has been proposed to design a(More)
FIR filters are being designed using HDL languages to enhance the speed of the system. In the whole system if the speed of the individual block is enhanced, the overall speed of the system is enhanced. In order to attain effective utilization hardware is done by applying the pipelining technique. Pipelining is an implementation technique in which multiple(More)
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