A. Kahn

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This presentation features linguistic and terminology management issues related to the development of the Spanish version of the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED). It aims at describing the aspects of translating and the difficulties encountered in delivering a natural and consistent medical nomenclature. Bunge's three-layered model is(More)
Degradation of cellulose is of major interest in the quest for alternative sources of renewable energy, for its positive effects on environment and ecology, and for use in advanced biotechnological applications. Due to its microcrystalline organization, celluose is extremely difficult to degrade, although numerous microbes have evolved that produce the(More)
BACKGROUND The concerted action of three complementary cellulases from Clostridium thermocellum, engineered to be stable at elevated temperatures, was examined on a cellulosic substrate and compared to that of the wild-type enzymes. Exoglucanase Cel48S and endoglucanase Cel8A, both key elements of the natural cellulosome from this bacterium, were engineered(More)
Large-scale computations are pervasive in bioinformat-ics due to the size of the datasets involved and the resource demands of the algorithms. These computations typically run for long periods of time and produce vast amounts of data. Currently, users are required to manage system resources, data, and the distribution of each process throughout the entire(More)
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