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Common variable immunodeficiency syndrome (CVID) includes a heterogeneous disorder characterized by reduced levels of IgG, IgA or IgM, and recurrent bacterial infections with normal T-cell immunity in 60% of patients. It affects the gastrointestinal tract as the largest immune organ with a wide spectrum of symptoms and signs. We present a case of nodular(More)
Post-transplant erythrocytosis (PTE) is characterized by persistently elevated hematocrit level >or= 51%. This complication is reported to develop in 10-20% of renal allografts recipients, mostly 2 years after kidney transplantation. PTE is self-limited in 25% of the patients; however it may persist in patients with an increased susceptibility for(More)
Design of high-level control systems for autonomous agents, such as mobile robots, is a challenging task. The complexity of robotic tasks, the number of inputs and outputs of such systems and their inherent ambiguity preclude the designer from finding an analytical description of the problem. Using the technology of fuzzy sets, it is possible to use general(More)
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