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Forty-four intact, male lambs (20 Timahdit and 24 D'man) were used to assess the effects of 22% (from approximately 25 to approximately 20 kg) and 31% (from approximately 25 to approximately 17 kg) live weight loss and the subsequent refeeding to initial BW on changes in body components. Body composition was determined using a serial slaughter technique at(More)
A trial was conducted in 1983 and repeated in 1984 to measure effects of restricted feed intake and realimentation on weights of organs and on carcass and noncarcass composition. A total of one hundred six weaned lambs from two breeds (Timahdit and D'man) and a breed cross (Ile de France x D'man) were used in both years. Lambs were allotted to one of six(More)
In rain-fed cereal-producing areas of Morocco, stubble and straw from barley and wheat and forage grazed from fallow lands are important feeds for sheep. Supplementation to maintain BW of ewes pregnant while grazing stubble, methods to improve utilization of straw, annual forage legumes to complement grazing of fallow land, and by-product feeds in diets for(More)
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