A. K. Vaishnavi

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Abstractive summarization has been explored only to some extent in recent years in English, Japanese and other foreign languages. This paper shows that abstraction can be accomplished for Indian Languages, specifically Kannada, using guided summarization approach. The sArAmsha system involves analyzing the given Kannada document and performing parts of(More)
The advances in cloud computing have provided a promising opportunity to further address the increasing transportation issues, such as heavy traffic, congestion, and vehicle safety. Since few years researchers have proposed some models that use cloud computing for implementing intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). For example, a new vehicular cloud(More)
Template matching is widely used in image processing. In symmetric normalization both the compared vectors are normalized in same way, and in filter design, only the template is modified and then is correlated with the reference image. The above mention is a problem from, to overcome this we moved to asymmetric correlation. Noise reduction in image using(More)
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