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Red cell volume was measured in 259 infants admitted to a high-risk newborn unit. Red cell volume was measured using 50Cr tagging which subsequently was activated to 51Cr for counting. Total blood volume was calculated using the corrected whole body hematocrit. A low red cell volume was frequently associated with a maternal history of vaginal spotting, with(More)
Comparison of 659 pregnant and 202 nonpregnant women with similar demographic characteristics showed overall rates of cervical cytomegalovirus excretion that were identical (9.5% vs. 9.4%) and were surprisingly high, especially since 89% of the pregnant group possessed antibody to cytomegalovirus when admitted to the study. Prevalence of cytomegalovirus(More)
Infants with congenitally (38) and natally (17) acquired cytomegalovirus infection were prospectively studied by means of virologic and multiple serologic assays. These infections were characterized by chronic viral excretion (measured in years). The quantity of virus excreted in the urine during early infancy was significantly greater in infants who(More)
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