A. K. Toor

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Extracellular single cell recording was used to examine the effect of intravenous administration of (-), (+), and (+/-)-3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) on A10 dopamine (DA) neurons in chloral hydrate anesthetized male rats. Both (+/-)-MDMA and (+)-MDMA inhibited the firing rate of most (79%) A10 DA cells. By contrast, (-)-MDMA induced either no(More)
Stem rust is one of the important diseases of tetraploid wheats worldwide. One hundred and five landraces from the Watkins collection were assessed for seedling and adult plant stem rust response variation. Seedling resistance genes Sr8a, Sr8b, Sr9e, Sr9g, Sr12, Sr13, Sr17 and Sr23 were postulated in 28 genotypes using Australian and Indian Puccinia(More)
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