A. K. Sharma

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The capacity for specific binding of 125I-epidermal growth factor (EGF) was studied in crude membrane fractions from 95 human breast carcinomas. About 42% of the samples showed saturable, high affinity, specific binding of EGF. In 21% of the tumors we were able to demonstrate high (above 10 fmoles/mg protein) binding capacity. Moreover, high EGF receptor(More)
An entomopathogenic fungus, Cordyceps sp. has been known to have numerous pharmacological and therapeutic implications, especially, in terms of human health making it a suitable candidate for ethno-pharmacological use. Main constituent of the extract derived from this fungus comprises a novel bio-metabolite called as Cordycepin (3 0 deoxyadenosine) which(More)
Introduction. The hyperdense internal carotid artery sign (HICAS) has been suggested as a common marker of terminal internal carotid artery (ICA) thrombus associated with poor outcomes following thrombolysis. We aimed to investigate the prevalence and prognostic significance of the HICAS in an unselected cohort of patients receiving intravenous(More)
Several Mobile Agent based distributed network management models have been proposed in recent times to address the scalability and flexibility problems of centralized (SNMP or CMIP management models) models. Though the use of Mobile Agents to distribute and delegate management tasks comes handy in dealing with the previously stated issues, many of the(More)