A. K. Sharma

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The demand for oil is growing steadily from emerging and developing economies while oil field discoveries continue to decline. Therefore the gap between demand and supply will increase with time. Subsurface Exploration deals with extracting valuable hydrocarbons from oil wells. Due to its hazardous nature, it's one of the most difficult fields to carry(More)
The World Wide Web is a huge source of hyperlinked information contained in hypertext documents. Search engines use web crawlers to collect these documents from web for the purpose of storage and indexing. However, many of these documents contain dynamic information which gets changed on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and hence we need to refresh(More)
A large amount of information on the Web, stored behind search interfaces cannot be indexed by general-purpose search engines as it is dynamically generated through querying databases. Such databases called Hidden Web or Deep Web contains high quality information. Deep web contents are generated only when queries are asked via a search interface, rendering(More)
—Multicast plays an important role in implementing the group communications in bandwidth scarce multihop mobile ad hoc networks. However, due to the dynamic topology of MANETs it is very difficult to build optimal multicast trees and maintaining group membership, making even more challenging to implement scalable and robust multicast in Mobile Ad hoc(More)
The World Wide Web is an interlinked collection of billions of documents. Ironically the very size of this collection has become an obstacle for information retrieval. The user has to sift through scores of pages to come upon the information he/she desires. Web crawlers are the heart of search engines. <b>Mercator</b> is a scalable, extensible web crawler,(More)