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Search engines generally return a large number of pages in response to user queries. To assist the users to navigate in the result list, ranking methods are applied on the search results. Most of the ranking algorithms proposed in the literature are either link or content oriented, which do not consider user usage trends. In this paper, a page ranking(More)
A large amount of new information is posted on the Web every day. We can take the example of the news portals, which keep on changing not only each and every day but also within each and every hour. Now, which information or data is of how much importance depends upon the perception of the specific user. The Internet and the World Wide Web have enabled a(More)
Web mining is an active research area in present scenario. Web Mining is defined as the application of data mining techniques on the World Wide Web to find hidden information, This hidden information i. e. knowledge could be contained in content of web pages or in link structure of WWW or in web server logs. Based upon the type of knowledge, web mining is(More)
A new Query Intensive Interface Information Extraction Protocol (QIIIEP) for deep web retrieval process is proposed. Auto query word extraction and auto form unification procedure are newly proposed in order to comprehend various functions of the proposed protocol. Proposed protocol offers great advantages in deep web crawling without over burdening the(More)
The pattern of drag use was studied in 213 heroin addicts, constituting 80.7% of the patient population attending ABHAY-II Deaddication Cum Rehabilitation Centre. All heroin addicts were male and 98.6% of all had consumed or have been consuming other drugs concurrently. Tobacco, cannabis and alcohol were the drugs commonly used by the addicts. The mean age(More)
The demand for oil is growing steadily from emerging and developing economies while oil field discoveries continue to decline. Therefore the gap between demand and supply will increase with time. Subsurface Exploration deals with extracting valuable hydrocarbons from oil wells. Due to its hazardous nature, it's one of the most difficult fields to carry(More)
A highly survivable wideband low noise amplifier (LNA) for front-end receiver electronics is presented utilizing 0.2 mum AlGaN/GaN HEMT process on SiC substrate. This novel amplifier utilizes dual-gate devices with current feedback and drain bias network to attain wideband performance in terms of lower noise and higher gain. Nominal operation at 125 mA/mm(More)
The World Wide Web is a huge source of hyperlinked information contained in hypertext documents. Search engines use web crawlers to collect these documents from web for the purpose of storage and indexing. However, many of these documents contain dynamic information which gets changed on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and hence we need to refresh(More)