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I have used electrical analogues for calculating the Flux Control Coefficients of metabolic pathways. An analogue circuit consists of resistances that are connected in series (or parallel) with a voltage (or current) source. In constructing the analogues, each of the enzymes in the pathway is associated with a resistance whose magnitude depends on the(More)
This paper investigates different models developed through hybridization of wavelet and bilateral filters for denoising of variety of noisy images. Hybridization between wavelet thresholding and bilateral filter is done in different configurations. The models are experimented on standard images like Lena, Barbara, Einstein and satellite as well as(More)
<h4>NOTE FROM ACM: It has been determined that the contents of this paper plagiarize that of a previously published work. ACM has therefore shut off access to this paper.<br> <br> The previously published work that was plagiarized is <i>A Novel Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier Based on Weightless Neural Network</i> by Raida Al-Alawi and may be found <a href=(More)
This work presents design, fabrication and test of a microfluidic device which employs Fahraeus-Lindqvist and Zweifach-Fung effects for cell concentration and blood cell-plasma separation. The device design comprises a straight main channel with a series of branched channels placed symmetrically on both sides of the main channel. The design implements(More)
This paper presents theoretical analysis, design, simulation, fabrication and test of a microfluidic device ('Micro-hydrocyclone') for separation of micron and submicron size solid particles from liquid in a particle liquid mixture. A theoretical analysis of the micro-hydrocyclone is performed to understand the physics and develop suitable design models.(More)
We report capillary flow of blood in a microchannel with differential wetting for the separation of a plasma from sample blood and subsequent on-chip detection of glucose present in a plasma. A rectangular polydimethylsiloxane microchannel with hydrophilic walls (on three sides) achieved by using oxygen plasma exposure enables capillary flow of blood(More)
The objective of the study is to compare the different formulations prepared by using gum, grafted gum and hydrogel of katira as a carrier for colon-specific drug delivery using in vitro methods with and without enzymes. Katira gum is naturally occurring polysaccharides containing mainly l-rhamnose and d-galactose sugar unit and small percent of(More)