A. K. Prajapati

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A Self Adaptive Hybrid Channel Assignment (SA-HCA) scheme for cellular wireless communication system is proposed. It uses history of traffic data of the cells to predict most probable future estimation of the communication loads. Using the predicted load patterns, the channel assignments to the cells are adjusted.
We have synthesized a novel mesogenic azobenzene molecule and studied its monolayer film properties at air-water interface (Langmuir film) and air-solid interface (Langmuir-Blodgett film). The material, H-shaped dimer bis[5-(4'-n-dodecyloxy benzoyloxy)-2-(4''-methylphenylazo)phenyl] adipate (12D1H) exhibits a smectic C phase between 51 and 48 degrees C on(More)
Flurbiprofen is a water insoluble non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug and belongs to BCS Class II categories. Solid dispersion is a technique by which we can improve it water solubility. By the help of fast dissolving formulation we can evaluate the effectiveness of solid dispersion. In this research work the solid dispersion of flurbiprofen with polymer(More)
We measured the splay (K11) and bend (K33) elastic constants in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal with T-shaped molecules. We find that the ratio, K33/K11 ≃1 in the entire nematic range except very close to the nematic to Sm-A (SN) transition. Both K33 and K11 show pretransitional divergence as the SN transition is approached from higher temperature.(More)
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