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Terrestrial animals have 'preferred speeds' within each gait, that are used much more frequently than others for moving along the ground. Energy costs reach minimal values at these speeds within each gait. In this study we asked whether these speeds are mechanically equivalent among different animals (i.e. speeds where the same levels of peak muscle stress(More)
The muscle forces and stresses occurring during normal locomotor activity in kangaroo rats are compared with the peak isometric force developed by the same muscles in situ. Two methods were used simultaneously to determine the stresses (force/cross-sectional area) acting in the ankle extensors during steady-speed hopping and during jumps when animals were(More)
A 5-year-old neutered male Standard Poodle was evaluated by the emergency service at Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (TAMU VMTH) for inappetence and lethargy, of 3 months duration. These clinical signs occurred shortly after the dog was administered cyclosporine a (5 mg/kg PO q24h) for biopsy-confirmed sebaceous adenitis. Original(More)
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