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Although much is known about the perceptual characteristics of tinnitus, its neural origins remain poorly understood. We investigated the pattern of neural activation in central auditory structures using positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in a rat model of salicylate-induced tinnitus. Awake rats were injected with the metabolic tracer, fluorine-18(More)
In optoelectronic devices based on quantum dot arrays, thin nanolayers of gold are preferred as stable metal contacts and for connecting recombination centers. The optimal morphology requirements are uniform arrays with precisely controlled positions and sizes over a large area with long range ordering since this strongly affects device performance. To(More)
Vortex domain walls poses chirality or 'handedness' which can be exploited to act as memory units by changing their polarity with electric field or driving/manupulating the vortex itself by electric currents in multiferroics. Recently, domain walls formed by one dimensional array of vortex-like structures have been theoretically predicted to exist in(More)
Biodiesel production is a valuable process which needs a continued study and optimization process because of its environmentally advantageous attributes and its renewable nature. In India Neem tree is a widely grown crop, termed as Divine Tree due to its wide relevance in many areas of study. The present study is intended to consider aspects related to the(More)
This research presents effect of triacetin and ethanol as additive to biodiesel (Neem oil methyl ester) on the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine at different loads and constant engine speed. Compared with biodiesel, slightly lower brake specific energy consumption for triacetin and ethanol bended fuels was observed. At higher(More)
Topologically stabilized spin configurations like helices in the form of planar domain walls (DWs) or vortex-like structures with magnetic functionalities are more often a theoretical prediction rather than experimental realization. In this paper we report on the exchange coupling and helical phase characteristics within Dy-Fe multilayers. The magnetic(More)
Coupling between superconducting and ferromagnetic states in hybrid oxide heterostructures is presently a topic of intense research. Such a coupling is due to the leakage of the Cooper pairs into the ferromagnet. However, tunneling of the Cooper pairs though an insulator was never considered plausible. Using depth sensitive polarized neutron reflectivity we(More)
solar air heaters, because of their simplicity are cheap and most widely used collection devices of solar energy, has great potential for low temperature applications, particularly for drying of agricultural products. The thermal efficiency of a solar air heater is significantly low because of the low value of the convective heat transfer coefficient(More)
To better reflect the contributions to this study, the author wishes to make the following changes. In the Acknowledgements section, " We are thankful to J. Voigt for the sample preparation and MPMS measurements. Thanks are due to U. Rücker for his assistance during the neutron measurements. We are also thankful to P. Böni and Th. Nattermann for useful(More)