A. K. Pandey

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BACKGROUND The development of liposuction and abdominoplasty has renewed interest in the anatomy of the localized fat deposits (LFD) areas of the abdomen. This study aims at ascertaining the gross anatomy of superficial fascia and the localized fat deposits of abdomen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight adult cadavers (four males and four females) were(More)
The present work envisages mathematical modeling of induced focal cerebral ischemia in animal model using EEG data with the help of Fast Fourier Transformation method. Amongst several analysis methods, spectral analysis methods are important because it detects the frequencies and characteristics changes of brain waveforms depending on the brain function(More)
Temperature Prediction has gained wide application and growing interest. It has gained importance in the studies by various researchers in this field. In this paper, we study the chaotic behavior of Temperature Prediction using Time Series Analysis and Pattern Mining. The proposed method of Wavelet Neural Network makes use of the temperature pattern(More)
Objective: The first objective of this study was to find out the weakest part of the hook of the hamate, the second objective was to find out the vascular pattern of the weakest part. Materials and Methods: We used 55 dry bones from the Department of Anatomy, Manipal University. Bones were from adult cadavers of South Indian origin. Among 55 bones, 27 were(More)
The advancement of liposculpturing and fascial flaps in reconstructive surgery has renewed interest in the superficial fascia of abdomen. Its histological and biochemical composition may play a vital role in maintaining strength and elasticity of the fascia. Hence, study of abdominal fascia for the elastic, collagen, and hydroxyproline contents is desirable(More)
Lateral obliquity of the forearm from the arm when the forearm is supinated and extended is called carrying angle. In this study carrying angle was measured using radiographs of adult individuals and morphometry was done on dry bones taking part in formation of human elbow (on lower end of humerus-trochlear angle and inclination angle of olecranon fossa, on(More)
Background: Knowledge of testicular artery variations is vital to ensure that they are not neglected during a variety of different operative techniques, since damage can cause testicular atrophy. Objectives: The present study was therefore intended to identify variants in the origin and course of the testicular arteries. An attempt was made to classify the(More)
INTRODUCTION The lower abdominal obesity is more resistant to absorption as compared to that of upper abdomen. Differences in the physicochemical properties of the subcutaneous fat of the upper and lower abdomen may be responsible for this variation. There is paucity of the scientific literature on the physicochemical properties of the subcutaneous fat of(More)
BACKGROUND The development and popularity of body contouring procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty has renewed interest in the anatomy of the superficial fascia and subcutaneous fat deposits of the abdomen. The study of anatomy of fascia and fetal adipose tissue was proposed as it may be of value in understanding the possible programing of(More)
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