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The prevalent difficulty with harmonics is voltage & current waveform distortion. The Electronic equipment like, computers, battery chargers, electronic ballasts, variable frequency drives, and switching mode power supplies generate perilous harmonics. Issue of Harmonics are of a greater concern to engineers and building designers because they do more(More)
This paper presents a direct flux and torque control (DTC) of induction motor drive (IMD) for speed regulator (SR) using fuzzy logic controller (FLC). This control method is based on DTC operating principles. The DTC is one of the most excellent strategies of torque and flux ripples control of IMD. The DTC control method has been optimized by using(More)
Among the mature multilevel converter topologies, cascade multilevel H-Bridge inverter is promising one which is an alternative for grid-connected photovoltaic/ wind-power generator, flexible alternating current systems and motor drive application. The CMC (cascade multilevel converter) can flexibly expand the output power capability and is favorable to(More)
A method based on iterative fast fourier technique to generate a chebyshev like broadside pattern with uniform side lobe level of linear array of uniformly spaced isotropic antennas with fixed dynamic range ratio of amplitude distribution is presented in this paper. One example has been presented with 20 elements. Dynamic range ratio has been made equal to(More)
In this research study, a new speed control scheme is proposed for direct torque and flux control (DTFC) of induction motor drive (IMD) to replace the conventional constant gain PI-speed controller (PISC). The conventional PISC offers poor dynamic response of stator current, torque and motor speed under sudden change in speed or load torque disturbances. In(More)
Due to a large amount of non-linear power electronic equipments, impact and fluctuating loads (such as that of arc furnace, heavy merchant mill and electric locomotive, etc), problems of power quality have become more and more serious with each passing day, as a result Active power filter (APF) gains much more attention due to excellent harmonic(More)
In this paper we have designed and implemented (15, k) a BCH Encoder on FPGA using VHDL for reliable data transfer in AWGN channel with multiple error correction control. The digital logic implementation of binary encoding of multiple error correcting BCH code (15, k) of length n=15 over GF (2<sup>4</sup>) with irreducible primitive polynomial(More)
This paper proposes a zero-voltage transition (ZVT) PWM synchronous buck converter, which is designed to operate at low output voltage and high efficiency typically required for portable systems. To make the DC-DC converter efficient at lower voltage, synchronous converter is an obvious choice because of lower conduction loss in the diode. The high-side(More)
This paper presents a control strategy for a three phase four-wire shunt active filter. The shunt active filter is a custom-power device capable to compensate, in real time, harmonics and unbalances in an electrical system. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the performance of instantaneous real active and reactive power (p-q) control strategy(More)
In this research study, direct torque and flux control of induction motor drive (IMD) using artificial intelligence based speed control loop (SCL) to minimize the ripple contents of the stator current, flux and electromagnetic torque, and also improving the speed response under transient and steady state conditions. It is quite difficult to optimize the(More)