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IP reuse is a part of the solution to the well known design-gap problem. It aims at closing the gap between what semiconductor-technology is offering in terms of integration capacity, and what is practically possible to implement in silicon with current design methodologies and tools. This paper summarizes in bullet-point-style the most important issues(More)
— In this paper, a new recursive multibit recoding multiplication algorithm is introduced. It provides a general space-time partitioning of the multiplication problem that not only enables a drastic reduction of the number of partial products (N/r), but also eliminates the need of pre-computing odd multiples of the multiplicand in higher radix (r≥3)(More)
Based on a recent market study of an important number of I<sup>2 </sup>C devices, all fully compliant with the Philips I<sup>2</sup>C-bus specification, version 2.1, release January 2000, this paper introduces a detailed I<sup>2</sup>C-slave VLSI-architecture that incorporates all necessary features required by modern ASK/SoC applications, except high speed(More)
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